Welcome to the website of Cuby Frozen Quality Portions.

Cuby is an innovative concept with a high degree of newsworthiness and has a wide range of possible uses. The concept is based on a new, patented production technique, where water and (thick) liquid food products are frozen almost instantly in a matrix format. This method results in the product being easily portionable. Cuby Frozen Quality Portions offer numerous interesting options for retail, food service, catering and the healthcare sector.

The concept
The revolutionary, patented production method is based on freezing raw materials in a unique matrix format. The cubes are attached to one another by thin connections. A large matrix sheet containing numerous rows of cubes can be subdivided into various smaller sheets. These sheets are then vacuum-packed. The film ensures that the sheets are extremely sturdy and that the compact shape remains in place during transport and storage. The cubes can easily be broken off for use. Compact, portionable, hygienic and high quality – these are just a few reasons for using Cuby Frozen Quality Portions.

Versatile applications
Three ready-to-use product categories have already been detailed for this new concept: Cuby Ice, Cuby Fun and Cuby Kitchen. These can be used flexibly and tailored to the individual requirements of retail and catering trade consumers. It is perfectly possible that these products could also be used in the healthcare sector. The current production line is suitable for filling and freezing liquid and thick liquid food products plus ingredients.